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Clean Air Counts is here to help you make smart choices for air quality. Membership in the program is free, and entitles you to our advice on healthy habits and product choices. You will also receive Clean Air Households newsletters, with tips for helping improve the air. Additionally, by using your Clean Air Counts personal online profile, you can see your own contribution to emissions reduction, and help us reach our goal of reducing smog-forming emissions by 5 tons/day.

Besides helping the environment, there are many other reasons to implement Clean Air Counts strategies. Good air quality translates to better health. Poor indoor and outdoor air quality can harm the health of our family and friends. Children, seniors, and people who work outside or have pre-existing health conditions are especially vulnerable.

Activities that improve air quality often improve our quality of life as well! For example, by driving less and biking, walking, or using transit instead, you can help decrease traffic congestion so that it is easier and more pleasant for everyone to get to their destination. Walking and biking are also great for your health, helping you stay in shape and release stress.

Air-friendly activities can even have financial benefits. For example, changing one light bulb in your house from an incandescent bulb to a compact florescent light bulb can save you $60 over the life of that light bulb (based on 8 cents/kilowatt-hour). Also, buying energy-saving appliances can save you money over the life of the appliance. So join Clean Air Counts today, and take a look at our recommended Clean Air Counts strategies. You’ll not only be doing something great for the environment, you’ll be doing something great for yourself and your family!

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