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Fingertip Facts

  1. The amount of pollution emitted by a lawnmower operating for one hour can be as much as the amount of pollution emitted by a car driven for 100 miles.
    (Source: U.S. EPA).
  2. The average American Home has 3 to10 gallons of hazardous materials.
    (Source: Children’s Health Environmental Coalition)
  3. Replacing 25% of your home lighting with fluorescents can save you 50% on the lighting portion of your energy bill.
    (Source: Energy Savers: Tips on Saving Energy & Money at Home, Dept of Energy)
  4. In 1999, 2000, and 2001 almost 900 pounds of pesticide active ingredient was used in the U.S.; that’s about 3 pounds for every man, woman, and child in the country.
    (Source: U.S. EPA)
  5. Reducing VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions by 1 ton per year is equivalent to taking 26 cars off the road.
    (Source: Clean Air Counts)
  6. 24 of the largest automobile manufacturers make low-emission vehicles.
    (Source: US EPA)
  7. For every 1000 acres of land converted to native landscaping, 50 tons of ozone forming pollution would be eliminated annually.
    (Source: Clean Air Counts)
  8. 1 ton of VOCs will be eliminated for every 1,000 gallons of low-VOC paint used.
    (Source: Clean Air Counts)
  9. Energy Star qualified lighting requires 2/3 less energy than standard lighting, generates 70% less heat, and lasts up to 10 times longer.
    (Source: Energy Star)
  10. For every 5,000 households that replaced 5 incandescent light bulbs with 5 compact fluorescent light bulbs, 4 tons of ozone forming emissions would be saved.
    (Source: Clean Air Counts)
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