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Households Impact—Be Counted!

Together we can make a big difference! By adopting our strategies, Clean Air Counts members are reducing the amount of NOx and VOCs released into the air.

Why is it important for you to report your changes to Clean Air Counts?

  • See your own contribution to improving the air. By entering your changes into your personal online profile, our website will calculate how many pounds of emissions you have eliminated.
  • Help us meet our goal of reducing smog-forming emissions by 5 tons/day, and prove that voluntary citizen action is an effective way to reduce pollution. Be counted! The only way we can measure the success of our program is if you let us know about the changes you have made.

From the reports we have received so far, we know that Clean Air Counts households have collectively made these reductions in smog-causing emissions:

Households Members


Emissions Totals

Category Emissions (lbs.) Emissions Avoided (lbs.)
Appliances 1.41 1.35
Lighting 2.74 22.17
Cleaners 0.25 1.67
Paints 150.40 968.12
VOC Totals 150.65 969.79
NOx Totals 4.15 23.51

Check back with us! As members report the changes that they have made, and as new households join, the impact that Clean Air Counts households have on the environment will become more and more visible. And don’t forget to report your own changes!

Thank you for your efforts to help Chicago’s citizens breathe easier!

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