Side Effects Of Anabolic Steroids

A lot of people consider using anabolic steroids for sale. However, they should think twice. Asides from being illegal without a prescription, they are unsafe. Below is information about the minor and serious side effects of using steroids.

Minor Side Effects

Steroid users can grow excess facial hair or grow hair on parts of their body they’ve never grown hair. Unfortunately, excess hair won’t grow on the top of the user’s head, as baldness is another common side effect. Many men have gone bald as a result of using legal steroids.

If you use roids for sale, then expect to have very oily skin as time goes on. This can result in a massive acne outbreak on your back, face and various other areas of the body.

In short, some of the minor effects associated with steroid usage are:

. Excess facial or body hair
. Hair loss
. Acne
. Oily skin

Keep in mind those are only a few of the minor negative effects. Some people don’t experience any of those side effects, while some experience a few or all of those side effects, so buy steroids only if you are ok with all negative effects too…

Serious Side Effects
Using steroids increases your risk of liver disease, which includes cysts and tumors developing on the liver. It can also lead to kidney disease and heart disease, such as stroke and heart attack.

Mood swings are common and they can be serious. In fact, some users may start to have suicidal tendencies and be highly irritability. Increased aggression is another effect users often experience.

High blood pressure can cause an array of health issues. If you use steroids, there’s a good chance your blood pressure levels will increase.

In short, some of the serious side effects include:

. Liver and kidney disease
. Heart disease
. Suicidal tendencies
. High blood pressure

Other Side Effects

The best legal steroids can cause other unwanted side effects, such as the development of breasts in men. This is known as gynecomastia. Men may experience shrinkage of the testicles, as well as an increase risk of viral infections. This can be due to injections that are not sterile. If teens use the drugs, their growth may become stunted, as well as their height.

Anabolic steroids are tempting, but they are not worth taking. There are powerful and legal supplements that can help you get the same results. Best of all, they are safer to take and there are supplements that are designed to mimic specific types of steroids.