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Strategies for Businesses, Developers, Institutions, or Organizations.

The Chicago region is home to more than 4 million working people, 38 colleges and universities, and numerous Fortune 500 companies. Because of the regionís broad range of private activity, Clean Air Counts provides a unique venue for reaching sources not traditionally subject to air quality regulations: such as painting, lighting, and natural landscaping.

CAC outreach focuses on businesses, institutional facilities, such as hospitals, museums, and universities, service sector-based companies, and organizations in the development and building design and construction fields. Since development can affect air quality in many ways, from the establishment of land use patterns to the use of building materials that emit smog-forming gases, CAC also has a dedicated campaign that targets outreach and technical assistance to those who design, develop, build, and manage all types of buildings.

CAC seeks voluntary commitments to implement clean air strategies that have the potential to reduce business operation costs as well as smog. Smog-forming emissions can be reduced by modifying activities at the participating organization as well as by affecting the activities of those doing business with the adopter such as customers or visitors, private contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, clients, and neighboring facilities.

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