Beginner’s Guide To Prohormone Stacking


Prohormones are compounds which are converted into hormones after entering the human body. These converted compounds act like anabolic steroids as they help to increase muscle mass, weight gain and endurance but their effects are not as potent as anabolic steroids.

Prohormones were made popular by US Chemist Patrick Arnold who created it in the 1990s to enable athletes to compete favorably with their counterparts. The ability to combine anabolic supplements spread across the country and the athletic and bodybuilding communities.


Prohormones are powerful supplements that help the body create muscle mass, increase strength and endurance. The drug takes your training to a whole new level. Prohormones offer the added benefits of:
1. Having an improved physical appearance and physique.
2. Increasing athletic performance, strength and endurance.
3. Faster recovery from intense and highly rigorous training sessions.


Prohormone Stacking is combining two or more prohormone supplements to give better results during training and exercising.

Stacking is necessary for the following reasons:

1. Prohormone stack gives the body the best of different nutrients.
2. Different individuals have to use different types of stacking depending on a variety of factors. There are strength stacks, endurance stack and ultimate stacks.
3. Prohormone stacks help athletes and bodybuilders surpass their limitations.


Prohormone stacking can be quite complex and daunting for the beginner. Often times, the beginners go overboard and sometimes combine stacks that can be detrimental. Below are 5 guidelines or tips to getting the best prohormone stacks.
1. Remember dosage: Different prohormone stacks have a different half-life, peak concentrations and dosage. The athlete or bodybuilder will need to remember these different attributes to get the best prohormone stack. Jotting the different dosage or circling dates on a calendar will help the individual remember and be consistent.
2. Moderation works: One can be tempted to stack more prohormones than is needed for the category desired. Too much can be dangerous. Stick to the plan and the intended category, be it stacking for strength, bulking or cutting.
3. Get to know: Always ask questions when in doubt. Other individuals have walked the path you are treading on. Ask questions and research before choosing any prohormone stack. Know your exercise routine and dietary plan.
4. Be Disciplined: Starting a prohormone stack can be a little bit disappointing as sometimes, you don’t get the immediate result you desire. This is when you have to be disciplined. Stick to the plan and recommended dosage. Don’t stop your exercise or training routine. Prohormone stacking needs time to give good results.
5. Post Cycle Therapy: For the beginner, post cycle therapy is essential after the first cycle. Post cycle therapy normalizes or brings the testosterone level back to an acceptable level.
6. Diet and nutrition: When starting prohormone stacking, understanding your diet and nutrition needs are essential. It builds muscle mass by increasing protein synthesis. This also means an increase in the quantity and quality of the food. The nutritional value of the meal also has to be considered.
7. Training: This is an area that is easily overlooked. It increases the strength and endurance of the body. This means that the body would have to adjust to a new training regiment to get the best out of the prohormone.


Prohormones can benefit the body greatly to enhance performance but prohormone stacking is more than just taking any combination of supplements. Other factors like the right frame of mind, age and even body type have to be considered. Research the various types to understand what your expectations should be. It works and when done right, can take your bodybuilding to the next level.