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Other Clean Air Programs

Partners for Clean Air
Partners for Clean Air is a coalition of approximately 285 Chicago area businesses, government agencies, and environmental groups that promote voluntary actions to improve air quality. Formed in 1995, the primary mission of the Partnership is to make sure regional air quality never gets above the national health-based standard for ozone pollution. Since the Partnership was formed, the total number of days the Chicago region’s air exceeded the health standard has decreased every year. Partners for Clean Air disseminates updates on Ozone Action Days.

Partners for Clean Air predict Ozone Action Days with the help of meteorologists who constantly monitor summer air quality. This is the only time the Chicago area is in danger of violating the national ozone standard because ozone forms when winds are calm, skies are sunny, and temperatures are high. If these conditions are predicted for the next day, an Ozone Action Day is called and the Partners move into action.

First the media is notified along with all the Partners. The media lets the public know about the Ozone Action Day via television, radio, and newspapers, and asks that people immediately take steps to reduce emissions that cause ozone. Voluntary actions include reducing driving and gas-powered lawn mowing, and refraining from refueling cards until after sundown. In addition, each partner puts its own specific voluntary “action plans” into place. Some Partners postpone or cut back on their manufacturing process for the day, some defer lawn mowing, some encourage carpooling, and some provide lunches so employees don’t have to drive during the day.

Information requests and membership inquiries should be directed to the Illinois EPA at (847) 294-4021.

Clean Cities
The Clean Cities program promotes the use of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs). Because approximately half of the Chicago area’s air pollution comes from motor vehicles, the widespread use of alternative fuels, in place of gasoline, hold promise for improving our air.

Sponsored in over 60 cities nationwide by the US Department of Energy, Clean Cities provides a framework for increasing the percentage of AFVs in urban areas. Cities form an alliance with local industries and work to create refueling infrastructure, build market demand, and transfer and improve technology for AFVs.

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