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Low-VOC Cleaning Products

What Are Low VOC Cleaning Products?
Many common cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which emit smog-forming chemicals and can be harmful to users. All-purpose cleaners as well as specialty products (such as metal polishes and glass, tile and tub cleaners) pollute indoor air quality and may cause respiratory and eye irritation, particularly for janitorial and other cleaning staffs. Substituting cleaner products for traditional products improves air quality and protects the health and safety individuals exposed to the chemicals they emit.

How Can This Improve Air Quality?
VOC emissions from cleaning products occur when propellant and organic solvents evaporate. Released chemicals remain in the air all day. In the Chicago area, 20 tons of VOCs are released into the air from the use of cleaning products each day. It is estimated that for every 100 janitors who switch to cleaner cleaning products, VOC emissions could drop by one ton per year. Studies have also shown that the use of cleaner products reduces the incidents of health problems among janitorial staffs. And, in many cases, cleaner products cost less.

Who Should Participate?
Any individual who uses cleaning products at home or work should replace hazardous, VOC-emitting cleaning products with alternative and safer products and join Clean Air Counts!

Why Should You Use Low VOC Cleaning Products?

Benefits of using low VOC cleaning products include:
• Significantly lower emissions of smog-forming chemicals into the air from VOCs.
• Better health safety for individuals using these products.
• Low VOC cleaning products are cost competitive.
• Fewer fumes reduce eye and respiratory irritation.

Clean Air Counts is a voluntary, public-private initiative to reduce smog-forming pollutants and energy consumption in the greater Chicago, six-county region. It is a collaborative effort between the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, the Illinois Environmental Agency, US Environmental Protection Agency – Region 5 and the Delta Institute.
CLEAN AIR COUNTS:   177 North State Street, 5th Floor