Is Trenbolone The Best Steroid?

The question is trenbolone the best steroid is somewhat subjective, although many bodybuilders and athletes consider it to be the most effective. Trenbolone has relatively few side effects when compared to other steroids, and it also offers significant muscle and strength gain.

Trenbolone has been popular since the 1970s, although it was used at first on livestock. It is more effective than the common testosterone and it is both an androgen and an anabolic. In fact it is considered to be about three times more effective than testosterone when it comes to binding potential. It can be taken orally or injected, although injecting it tends to give the most noticeable results. Another advantage of trenbolone is that you generally don’t need as large a dose as other steroids, and the type taken can be varied as needed.

Of course, it is for increased muscle strength that most serious athletes prefer trenbolone, and the results are more noticeable and faster due to the high androgenic effects of trenbolone. Because of its ability to bind more effectively to the body’s fat cells, it can also burn calories much more quickly. Many bodybuilders who favor the steroid also point out that they enjoy much better overall stamina, as compared to other steroids. Taking the steroid doesn’t burn your muscle cells, as it doesn’t turn into estrogen.

Trenbolone can have side effects, although in general these can be avoided to a large extent. Physical side effects of taking trenbolone or any other steroid can include acne or a bloated appearance, as well as hair loss. A loss of sexual desire is also a possibility, as is sweating and cardiovascular issues. Your mood can change too – you may experience sudden and intense changes in mood, including feelings of anger or anxiety. Insomnia can be an unwanted side effect, and taking any steroid over a long period can eventually lead to liver damage.

It’s important to only take legal and natural trenbolone, to reduce the possibility of any side effects. Taking only the recommended dosage is important too, generally between 300 and 700 mg per week.