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ENERGY STAR® Office Equipment

What Is the ENERGY STAR® Office Equipment Program?
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created the ENERGY STAR® Office Equipment Program to promote the purchase and use of energy-saving office equipment. Office equipment accounts for approximately 7% of energy use in the commercial sector and is the business world’s fastest growing electric load. By using equipment with improved power management systems, such as machines that shut off when idle and automatically reduce unattended equipment energy use, energy savings as high as 75% can be realized.

How Can This Improve Air Quality?
Lower energy usage reduces the levels of fossil fuels burned at power plants, which, in turn, reduces the levels of air pollutants that negatively impact ozone. Reducing wasted energy from office equipment and lowering energy usage translates into fewer nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions into the environment, which improves air quality. Lower heat levels from office equipment creates a more comfortable office space and can further reduce energy costs.

Who Should Participate?
Anyone purchasing office equipment – from a large corporate setting to a small home office -- should participate in the ENERGY STAR® Office Equipment Program and join Clean Air Counts!

Where Can I Get More Information?
For more information about the ENERGY STAR® Office Equipment Program, visit our website at www.cleanaircounts.org/strategies. You’ll find links to other useful websites as well as information about participating in any Clean Air Counts initiative and the reporting requirements for each.

Why Should You Participate In the ENERGY STAR® Office Equipment Program?

Benefits of participating in the ENERGY STAR® Office Equipment Program include:

• Reduced nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions into the environment.
• Improved regional air quality.
• Reduced energy waste.
• Lower heat levels for a more comfortable working environment.
• Lower energy costs.
• Improved electrical system reliability.

Clean Air Counts is a voluntary, public-private initiative to reduce smog-forming pollutants and energy consumption in the greater Chicago, six-county region. It is a collaborative effort between the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, the Illinois Environmental Agency, US Environmental Protection Agency – Region 5 and the Delta Institute.
CLEAN AIR COUNTS:   177 North State Street, 5th Floor