Easy Ways To Improve Your Fitness

Staying healthy takes plenty of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. This is why most people find it hard to stay fit. Fortunately, there are a few clever tricks you could use to make it much easier to improve your health and fitness.

Get Yourself a Water Bottle

If you find it hard to drink the recommended amount of water throughout the day, a water bottle may be the cheap, yet effective, health resource you need. Get a clear water bottle and divide it into 200 ml intervals that correspond with each hour in the day. This will make it much easier to stay on track with hydration. By early evening, you’ll already have gotten the magic 8 glasses.

Get off Your Phone

While consumer electronics (like your phone/tablet) have definitely made life easier, the convenience comes at a cost. Such devices have blue-tinted light that stimulates daylight, which means your brain stays awake when you use them for a while. This ultimately affects your sleep. You should thus swap your phone for an old-fashioned alternative (like a book or a magazine) that doesn’t rely on electricity. Setting your phone’s screen to turn yellow after dusk could also help.

Hack Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

When sleeping, the human body prefers a low temperature. Setting your thermostat to make your bedroom a little chillier will help you fall asleep much faster. Also consider investing in blackout shades and getting yourself a sleeping mast to prevent light from messing up your sleep patterns.

The Sun’s Good for You

Getting enough vitamin D lowers your vulnerability to illnesses like diabetes and prostate cancer. It also helps you sleep faster and deeper, besides enhancing your testosterone levels. So take some time to sit in the sun every once in a while. This will give you all the vitamin D you need, at no cost whatsoever.

Kick off Your Shoes Once You Get Home

Walking barefoot can work wonders for your fitness. In humans, the feet contain just over a quarter of all the bones in the body. There’s also the massive network of nerves and ligaments that support these bones. So take your shoes off more often; this will greatly enhance your foot mechanics, besides reducing the pressure on your knees and hips.

Life is messy, busy, and full of unexpected surprises. So why contribute to the chaos by making fitness harder than it needs to be? Incorporating these tips into your life will not only save you time and money, but from potential headaches down the road as well.