Discovering And Mentoring Children’s Interest In Sports

We all want the best for our children. This is why we are constantly giving them advice, mentorship and coaching in all aspects of life. However, there are things that we cannot choose for them. For example, the sports they are talented in and passionate about is not up to us. In such things, we need to trust our children to make the best choice and offer guidance only when necessary. However, some children may not know which sports they would like and will therefore explore different options before they come to a conclusion. So, what should you do to help your children discover themselves when it comes to sports?

Discover and nurture talents

As a parent, you know what your child is interested from a young age. Is your child constantly drawn to some sport? Do you catch them watching it on television or trying to engage others in the sport at the park? Is he or she constantly talking about it and asking you to play with him or her? If yes, then you may have discovered what your child’s interests or talent is. This is a very important stage in nurturing the talents. Show interest, play with them, advise them and guide them towards discovering their full potential. If they are talented and interested, it is much easier for them to become good at the sport. Sometimes, they may be talented but not interested. In such a case, advice and guide them but trust them to make the best decision. If they are interested but not talented, practice and perseverance will help them become better. Do not discourage them, let them come to the realisation on their own.


Sometimes, it may take time to discover your child’s interests or talents. However, since young children find it interesting to explore different options, encourage them to do this before settling on what they like. At such times, you ought to encourage them, help them understand different sports, support them in the purchase of different sports gear and equipment and help them train if you can. Otherwise, you may get them a coach or a training buddy to ensure they learn as much as they can about the sport. Do not be discouraged if they are no longer interested in the sport just a few weeks later. It is all part of discovering themselves.


Different sports have different talented and successful personalities. It is therefore possible to get the child a mentor in the sport of interest. However, mentorship will only be appropriate and useful if the child is willing to pursue the sport. Learning from someone they admire and discussing their challenges with them gives the child a unique perspective. They also get to learn from the journey of the mentor; the challenges, the little wins and the requirements. It also makes it easier for the child since they can relate to the journey of the super star. Attending sports events where the mentor is participating will be a great experience for the child.

Children differ in many aspects. Their abilities, talents, interests, rate of learning and the goals they have in their lives. All you need is to understand the child and encourage him or her to pursue their goals and aspirations. Refrain from comparing them with other children or siblings as this may discourage them from attaining their full potential.