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Diesel Retrofit

What is a Diesel Retrofit Program?
A diesel retrofit program is designed to reduce emissions of soot, smog-forming pollutants, and other toxic air pollution caused by diesel-powered vehicles. Using retrofit technologies, reductions in soot, hydrocarbon, and carbon monoxide emission levels can make significant progress toward improved air quality. Retrofit technologies focus on adding a catalyst or filter to the diesel engine, replacing engines earlier, using cleaner fuels or additives or some combination of these techniques.

How Can This Improve Air Quality?
Diesel exhaust is responsible for more than 20% of the nation’s smog-causing nitrogen oxide emissions and 15% of particulate matter (or soot ) emissions. One older and dirtier diesel vehicle can emit almost 8 tons of pollution per year, or a total of 160 to 240 tons of pollution over the life of the engine. Diesel engine air pollution affects the more than 100 million people nationwide who live in urban areas and has been linked to lung damage and respiratory problems. One technology, a diesel oxidation catalyst, can reduce particulate matter emissions by 10-40% and carbon dioxide emissions by 40-90%. Another technology, a diesel particulate filter, can reduce particulate matter emissions by 60-90% and carbon monoxide emissions by 50-90%.

Who Should Participate?
Anyone driving a vehicle with a diesel engine should explore alternatives for improving the engine’s emissions. Commercial trucking and fleet management companies and construction companies using heavy-duty construction equipment can make the most impact on improving air quality through diesel retrofit programs and by joining Clean Air Counts!

Why Should You Participate In A Diesel Retrofit Program?

Benefits of participating in a diesel retrofit program include:

• Reduces soot, hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide emissions significantly, improving regional air quality.
• Lowers incidence of lung damage and respiratory problems in the population.
• Alternative technologies are readily available.
• Less likelihood of a more restrictive regulatory environment for the region in the future.

Clean Air Counts is a voluntary, public-private initiative to reduce smog-forming pollutants and energy consumption in the greater Chicago, six-county region. It is a collaborative effort between the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, the Illinois Environmental Agency, US Environmental Protection Agency – Region 5 and the Delta Institute.
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